Antiseptic Mask Pouch/Bag (Set of 2)

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{Nano Silver Lining} Keep your mask bacteria free! Antiseptic Mask Bag is equipped with Nano Silver tech that prevents germ growth and spread of bacteria

{Germ Prevention} The perfect social distance accessory, the Antiseptic Mask Pouch eliminates potential germs from accessing mask 

{Reusable Mask} Perfect use when completing day to day tasks, the Antiseptic Mask pouch provides safe and easy storage, use when arriving home or getting in your car!

{Light Weight} Designed with sleek Nano Silver, Antiseptic Mask pouch easily fits within your purse, car dash or backpack! 

{2x Pouches} Enjoy two Antiseptic Masks! Share with a loved one or use two for you!

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