Color Coded Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor (Black)

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  • COLOR INDICATOR - The slim, easy-to-read LCD display screen provides color coded indicators that coordinates with the blood pressure readings. Green means normal, yellow means elevated, and red means hypertension
  • AUTOMATIC DISPLAY - During each reading, the blood pressure monitor will provide an automatic display of your current systolic, diastolic, and pulse rate
  • IMPORTANT INDICATIONS - Each BPM provides an irregular heartbeat detector, an ACC/AHA risk category indicator, and an average of the last 3 measurements.
  • MEMORY FUNCTION - Up to 2 individuals can save up to 90 readings each (180 total memories).
  • WRIST COMFORT - The easy-to-use wrist wrap is designed to easily strap on. This wrist wrap fits sizes from 5.3”-8.5”.


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